Unleashing the Joy of Childhood: Where Fun and Play Meet on the Playground!



Why do you think that fun, play-based activities are both enjoyable and help promote cognitive development in children? Play-based activities are enjoyable for children because they allow them to engage with their environment in a way that is naturally appealing to them. Play provides a sense of freedom, exploration, and experimentation, which can be incredibly satisfying for children.


Based on my personal experience with my 3-year-old daughter, it provides her with an amusing way to learn about the people, places, animals, plants, and new things as well as to explore everything about the environment around her. Likewise, it allows her to develop social and cognitive skills, and freely express her creativity in different ways.


Fun and Learning: The Role of Play-Based Activities in Children’s Cognitive Development




Play, which is the same subject being studied by Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist famous for his theories of cognitive development in children, is believed to help children develop problem-solving skills, creativity, imagination, and social skills.


‘In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior, in play, it’s as though he were a head taller than himself.’ (Lev Vygotsky 1978).


According to Today’s Parent, playing is vital to the healthy development of our children, along with nutritious food, education, and a loving home. As a parent, I have witnessed how playing helps my 3-year-old daughter learn and grow.



Here are 6 Fun Play-Based Activities We Can Enjoy and Grow Together with Our Children:



1. Hide and Seek: Fun Play-Based Activities That Help Us Grow Together!


When Dad’s the best playmate around ? #familylove #playtimefun #fatherhood


It is a classic game that has been enjoyed by children for generations. I myself was born in an era when children’s lives involved street play. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also provides numerous benefits for children’s development. This game allows children to explore and extend their horizons, improving their planning, thinking, judgment, risk assessment, and interpersonal skills.


I have observed these benefits in my daughter, who is very creative in finding her playmates during hide-and-seek. She enjoys taking on a leadership role and giving instructions to her playmates, as well as the fun of playing rather than focusing on whether to hide or seek. This type of play not only enhances her cognitive skills but also helps her develop her social skills and build relationships with others.


As a parent, it’s important to encourage and participate in activities like Hide and Seek with our children. Not only does it provide them with important developmental benefits, but it also strengthens our bond with them and creates lasting memories. So, let’s take some time to play with our children and watch them grow and develop into well-rounded individuals.



2. Role Playing: Fun Play-Based Activities That Help Us Grow Together!


“Unlocking the power of imagination, one lesson at a time ? #tinyteacher #imaginativeminds #playbasedlearning”


This kind of play improves creativity and helps children cope with real-life and tough situations. My daughter loves playing teacher-student, cooking in the kitchen, tea parties, police and thieves, superhero, pirate ships, hospitals (doctor and patient play), toy sale marketing, and more. This type of play enhances her creativity and helps her develop skills to handle real-life challenges.


Her teacher shared a role-playing video from the classroom, and I was impressed by how well my daughter played the roles of a firefighter, doctor, and earth saver. Now, I’m honored to see her problem-solving abilities in action during pretend play and in real-life situations.


3. Fitness Exercise: Fun Play-Based Activities That Help Us Grow Together!


Pedaling to the finish line with my favorite riding partner! ?‍♀️?‍♂️?



These activities include indoor yoga, an outdoor gym near the playground, indoor stretching, swimming, running, chasing, cycling, and jumping. My daughter is already insisting on and enduring long walks, which makes it easier for me and my husband. There is no need for us to bring a stroller anymore, which is less hassle for our day-to-day outdoor activities.



4. “Dugtungan ng Kanta” or Changing the Lyrics of the Song: Sing and Dance!


“When playtime is music to our ears ?? #learningthroughplay #rhythmandrhyme #happykids” #singinganddancing.



Singing and dancing allow children to connect with their emotions and help improve their emotional well-being and mental health. While my daughter is only 3 years old and may not remember or complete all the lyrics yet, I am delighted because I believe that singing makes her a happy child. Likewise, she gets in touch with her soul and emotions, when she dances. Seeing her singing and dancing makes me feel assured of her good emotional well-being and mental health. I also notice that my kiddo releases more endorphins (happy hormones) during these activities.


Communicating through songs is amazing. My daughter taught me one song where we can replace specific lyrics. This is a fun way to improve communication skills. I am amazed at the way kids nowadays can communicate through songs. In the case of my daughter, when I communicate with her through a song, she answers back with song lyrics as well. To my surprise, she even taught me a song where we can replace specific lyrics. That song is “Hickory Dickory Dock”, and we can replace the word “mouse” with “snake”, “elephant”, “cat”, “dog”, and even “Dad”, “Mom”, and “Ayah”.



5. Question and Answer Portion: Fun Play-Based Activities That Help Us Grow Together!


Watching their curiosity and confidence grow with every question! ??? #toddlerplay #questionandanswer #learningthroughplay


This mind-boggling play helps children learn new things, improve their thinking ability, and enhance their communication skills. Other stimulating games that my daughter enjoys include puzzles, drawing, painting, Lego, building blocks, and more. It is here that I can see that children, like my daughter, are witty and articulate in their own way.


Building creativity one brick at a time! ??? #lego #creativeplay #imagination



6. Outdoor Playground with Friends and Classmates!


Exploring the great outdoors and making unforgettable memories with my favorite people! ???? #outdoorplay #friendship #childhoodmemories



In the playground, kids can learn leadership, teamwork, obedience, the value of taking turns, and the real meaning of pure and genuine happiness. Engaging in physical activities also helps improve her endurance, strength, and flexibility, while boosting her confidence, mood, and overall health, leading to better quality sleep.



The playground is life!


For our daughter, an outdoor playground with playmates and friends are the happiest moment of her toddlerhood. During playtime, you will see non-stop movement, from slides to see-saw, wall climbing, trampoline, web crawling, horseplay, and a lot more. Parents and kids are full of laughter and memories after the play. For our family, the outdoor playground is not just a place to play but also a venue for bonding and creating happy memories. We treasure these moments and look forward to more fun times in the playground.



Happy Kiddos!


What’s surprising is that almost all the games in the playlists are free and easily accessible. The only missing piece is our availability as parents. Our time is crucial to our child’s overall health and happiness, and in turn, it can also increase our dopamine levels.


If you are a working or busy parent, just an hour or two of your time each day can significantly contribute to your child’s overall health and happiness. Your time is what matters most to them. If you have no time to think about and prepare either structured or unstructured play for your child, an indoor playground like Amazonia can help you solve your problem. For more ideas, you can visit the website for Amazonia Indoor Playground at Great World City, Singapore – Little Day Out.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Fun Play for Both Children and Adults


Playing kids are the happy kids!



Playing is a therapeutic way of living, and adults who still play are the happiest people despite the stresses and anxieties of everyday life. More children’s play-based activities are being adapted to therapy such as role play, fitness, song and dance, and more.


In conclusion, playing is not just for fun; it is a vital part of a child’s healthy development. Playing with our children is a great way to bond, teach them new skills, and improve their physical and mental health. So, let’s play every day and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Accordingly, why do some people stop playing? We should never stop playing no matter where we are or how old we get. Let’s mimic the ways of children and continue to play throughout our lives. We don’t stop playing because we age; we age because we stop playing. Therefore, let’s all enjoy the healthy and therapeutic play!


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